INTRODUCTION 003- Besides school work, Yuan Jie had the opportunity to practice his craft in UX design in multiple domains, working and learning along with companies like Binance, Shopee, Grab and La Redoute.

Before that, Yuan Jie was also a Junior Motion Designer in a local design studio, and passionately animated for McDonalds and M1 amongst other brands.

case study 001-

ShopeePay: Can our digital payments be more convenient and less awkward? --d

UX Research
UI Design
HI-FI Prototyping

case study 002-

Data Design: How are logical decisions influenced by emotions? --d

Experience Design
Front-End Development
Data Visualisation
School Project

case study 003-

Grab: How do we design scalable error messages across different verticals? --d

ux design
content writing

case study 005-

Design Research: Can we vanish our reliance on maps while finding our way? --d

Interaction Design
design research
physical product
School Project

case study 004-

Deceptive Interfaces: The behavioural economics of scams in interfaces--d

UX Research
ui design
thesis project

Interests Data Vis