The Wily Fox — A game about lying to strategically outrun your opponent’s fox, in order to reach a common goal.

INTeraction Design
design research
Game Design
School Project

In this Design Platform, my group mate and I investigate the intersection between interaction and gameplay. We utilise design research to explore the collaborative, strategic and fun aspect of how games work, and tweak games to afford specific interactions using a collaborative design workflow.

The Wily Fox is a 4 player strategy game, inspired by the sly behaviour of foxes. To win the game, players are challenged to reach the portal at the middle tile, while avoiding other player’s foxes. This game also utilises lying, suspicion and deceit to afford interaction.


Yuan Jie, Designer
David Ng, Designer

Under the supervision of
R Brian Stone.

What I did

Design Research
User Research
Physical Prototyping
Digital Prototyping
Motion Design


Learnt about how we can use physical visualisation to lower the learning curve of a strategy game.

What i've learnt throughout this semester project.


Generate fast, iterate fast.

The idea of the game evolved from an existing game, where we tested out a low-fidelity version initially. This test showed us plenty of interesting opportunities that we could leverage on our next prototype.